Frequently Asked Questions About Graphx Connection



Graphx Connection, Inc. is a print management company. Rather than depending on one printer that may specialize in only one type of printing, we work with a number of trusted production resources, each offering a unique set of capabilities and advantages.

Why is working with graphx connection a better option?

We have expertise in a wide range of printing technologies, both old and new, and we work with printers in all segments of the print industry.

IF We Buy A lot of PRINTING, Can Graphx Connection keep up with our needs?

YES! Because we work with multiple printers jobs don’t bottleneck with one person or one customer service team. We are efficient because he have the flexibility to have multiple jobs, all on the same schedule, all in production at the same time yet not “getting in line” for completion.

If we don’t buy a lot of PRINTING, IS Graphx Connection still a good option?

Of Course! Most printers will print anything even if the job isn’t a good fit for their equipment. If you are not an experienced print buyer you could end up paying more for your job than necessary. Because we nfit your job specifications with the correct equipment we take the stress out of getting your job printed at the best price, quality and turn around.

We Need Logistics. Can Graphx Connection Manage segmented orders?

Yes. Not only do we work with multiple printers we also partner with shipping and freight companies to get the best price and most efficient shipping options.

We Have a Lot of Small individual Orders. Can graphx Connection Assist With Complex Fulfillment Programs?

Absolutely. Whether your project requires a 1 time shipment to 10 addresses or a commitment to hold product and fulfill orders for an extended period of time we can manage it. We have partnerships with groups for fulfillment of one time projects all the way to fulfillment companies that provide warehouse space and pick & pack capabilities.

won’t this Personal Service cost me more?

No. Graphx Connection was developed on the idea that taking a paid sales person out of the equation would not only benefit the customer (you) because we don't sell just one type of printing for every job but also benefit the vendor because we don’t cost them anything. We work directly with the owners of the vendors we partner with, the prices we get don’t include any overhead that would be passed along to you. A lot of the time the personal service we offer costs less than if you worked with vendors sales rep.

Can Graphx Connection provide technical guidance?

Yes, we can provide guidance for setting up your files and provide direction for exporting files for print.

How Can I Submit an Order?

Call, email, send a PO. We work with your company workflow to get your project started. Submit your files in a way that works best for you. We have an FTP server in house if you prefer to send files that way, there is a link in this website. Or, if you want to send us a link to download files from one of the many file transfer services out there we can get them from there too.

Can Graphx Connection Handle Rush Orders and Order Changes?

Yes. Part of our commitment to our customers is the ability to find the right printer for your job and that includes the turn around time and attention to details.

Can Graphx Connection Handle custom Delivery requirements?

Definitely! We know only half of the job is getting it printed and thru the plant, if the completed product doesn’t make its final destination nothing has been accomplished. We are committed to managing your project until it’s delivered and delivered properly.

Why Have I not Known About Graphx Connection Before?

We don’t know . . . but we hope you get to know us now!!